Due to face-to-face bridge play shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACBL moved quickly to allow bridge clubs to start playing online on the BBO platform.
This project is known as: VIRTUAL CLUB GAMES
1) It allows bridge clubs to continue to operate and generate income so that they could survive the period during which their club was shut down.
2) It allows our players an opportunity to play with friends from their local club. The social aspects of bridge cannot be understated.
Everyone could have played in Speedball games or Support Your Club (SYC) games, but a large majority of our players want to play with people they know.
3) It replaces some of the table fee income that ACBL lost.

Albion Hills Bridge Club      VACB277897    RESULTS

Steven Norris      albionhillsbridge@gmail.com   647-234-6352

Mon	12:45 PM	OPEN

Brampton Bridge Club    VACB126102      RESULTS

Denise Donovan   dcdonovan49@gmail.com   416-575-6754

Mon	9:15 AM		0-20 MP  ( Novice/Teaching)
Thu	6:30 PM		0-50 MP  ( Zoom Discussion Following )

Cavendish DBC Monday    VACB274431      RESULTS

Richard Sayers   cavendishdbc@yahoo.ca   647-286-1576

Mon 	7:30 PM		OPEN

Cavendish DBC Friday    VACB129916      RESULTS

Richard Sayers   cavendishdbc@yahoo.ca   647-286-1576

Fri 	7:30 PM		OPEN

Etobicoke Bridge Centre    VACB197947      RESULTS

Martin Hunter    martinhunter@rogers.com    905-510-0411

Tue	1:30 PM		0-100 MP
Thu	1:30 PM		0-300 MP	

Halton - Bronte Bridge Club      VACB240077    RESULTS

Jackie Syer      jackiesyer@gmail.com   905-844-0574

Mon	9:30 AM		OPEN

Hamilton Bridge Centre    VACB241364      RESULTS

Viktoria Renaud   ezbridge5@hotmail.com   905-528-6829

Mon	10:00 AM	OPEN
Tue	10:00 AM	OPEN
Fri 	1:30 PM		OPEN

Hamilton Bridge Luvers Group    VACB274720      RESULTS

Eileen Grady     eigrady@gmail.com    905-379-4029

Thu	1:15 PM 	OPEN

Lee's Bridge Club    VACB264143     RESULTS

Lee Daugharty   calendar@interlog.com    416-274-1752

Tue 	12:00 PM	0-1200 MP
Tue 	12:10 PM	OPEN

Wed 	12:00 PM	0-1200 MP
Wed 	12:10 PM	OPEN
Wed 	7:00 PM		OPEN	

Thu	12:00 PM 	0-1500 MP 

MOBridge    VACB207860     RESULTS

Phyllis Jones   mail@mobridge.club

Tue 	7:30 PM		299ers 

Fri	10:00 AM	299ers

Stephens Bridge Club     VACB275784     RESULTS

Richard Ross      richardpbross@gmail.com    416-816-7115
Stephen Laufer    lauferbridge@gmail.com     416-729-8600

Mon 	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Tue 	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Wed 	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Thu	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Fri	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Sat	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP
Sun	1:00 PM		0-1000 MP

Weekend Games closed for the Summer

Toronto Bridge Club     VACB241380     RESULTS

Rob Drummond   info@torontobridge.ca    416.968.9919

Mon 	12:30 PM	OPEN
Fri 	12:30 PM	OPEN