Tournament Duplicator

The Unit is seeking a person who will be responsible for duplicating boards at our Regional Tournaments. This person will be provided an electronic file for the upcoming sessions and must use their own laptop to connect to the Unit's duplicating machine. The only provision is that the duplicator will not be permitted to play in any pair events while they are duplicating the boards. The expectation is that this person will be duplicating approximately 30 sets of board per day from Wednesday through Friday.

Table Transport Manager

The Unit is seeking a person, ideally with access to a large van or truck, to transport and arrange tables at all Southwestern Ontario bridge tournaments. This person will be responsible for transporting the tables from the storage locker in Caledon to the tournament site, arrangement of tables at the site (including removing the cardboard sheaths), and retrieval of the tables at the end of the tournament with transport back to the storage locker.

For details:  David Halasi    halasid@rogers.com