Unit 166 has 2 annual awards, presented each year at the Toronto Easter Regional

The KATE BUCKMAN AWARD - awarded annually to a Unit 166 player who has contributed greatly to other people's enjoyment of bridge.

The AUDREY GRANT AWARD - awarded annually to a Unit 166 bridge teacher recognized by the Board for excellence, professionalism, & dedication in the field of bridge teaching

Players/teachers can only win once. They may be nominated by any Unit member, who need to add a description of why the nominee is a good candidate.
The Board is presented with the list of nominees and a vote is taken at the January Board meeting.
There is a cash award, along with an article about the winner in The Kibitzer.





2023 Andy Risman Danielle Gosselin
2022 N/A N/A
2021 Andy Stark N/A
2020 Steve Overholt Viktoria Renaud
2019 Jackie Syer Josee Hammill
2018 Rob Drummond Mike Kammermayer
2017 Audrey Grant Michael Yang
2016 Gary Westfall Steve Overholt
2015 Carol Bongard N/A
2014 Lee Daugharty John Rayner
2013 Wayne Ruttan Wayne Ruttan
2012 Mark LibermanSally Rewbotham
2011 Paul Cronin Barbara Seagram
2010 Hazel Wolpert Enid Roitman
2009 Barbara Sims Hazel Wolpert
2008 Marion Watson Patti Lee
2007 Fred Andreychuk Pat Teeter
2006 Viktoria Renaud Flo Belford
2005 John Rayner Audrey Grant
2004 Irene Warner 
2003 Michael Davey  
2002 Patti Lee  
2001 Joan Richardson  
2000 Flo & John O'Dowd  
1999 Enid Roitman  
1998 John Carruthers  
1997 Nancy Hart  
1996 Bina Adams  
1995 Barbara Seagram  
1994 David Bryce  
1993 Steve Cooper  
1992 Eric Murray  
1991 Elizabeth Fraser 
1990 N/A  
1989 Katie Thorpe 
1988 Glad Millman 
1987 Howard Schooley 
1986 Doug Drew  
1985 Chuck Jane 
1984 Duke Wilson 
1983 Ruth & Al Stevens 
1982 Kate Buckman